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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 

A-HA!!! Comedy genius!! Back of the net!!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 23, 2005 

This is a scene from one of my favourite ever music videos! It's Blurs 'Coffee and TV'. Now i don't really like Blur at all in fact there stupid shits, but surely all is forgiven just for this one video!! Absoloute classic!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 22, 2005 

ICC Super Seires

Why is every one slagging off the ICC Super Seires?? I mean if it was the 11 best footballers in the world playing Brazil in would be the game of the century! I know the seires isn't being spat on by all Cricket fans but it seems to me that it's two types of people who object to it. They are the so called purists who don't like chamge and find it some what upsetting, and those who hate the ICC. Now this may sound slightly strange but i actually fit into both catagories! I love the way the game is played and i don't like massive change, however i do like some change such as the introduction of helmets and TV umpires (but only for run outs, catches and debateable boundaries. Not LBW) and i've even warmed to the introduction of super subs in ODI's. But the ICC, oh what a bunch of complete and utter *$�%!! Best not get started on them. But just look at the type of location the ODI's for this series are being played in!! They are truly fantastic!! The atmosphere must be amazing! Just imagine an ashes game there! Posted by Picasa


I just had to get this picture up on the blog! Posted by Picasa

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Hello all!!

I have decided to re launch this most amazing blog!! There will be many more small changes coming over the next few days but this is the biggest and the one most worth shouting about!

Till Next Time,


Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Whinging Aussies - Always Losing

Now i'm never one to tempt fate by saying we are going to kick the aussies arses so hard they'll feel it coming through there fat beer bellies!!! Anyway, why do the Aussies have to whinge the second they can smell deafet?? I know, I know everyone asks this question all the time but my question is what makes them do it?? Is it because they think they've had it hard or because they think that it's there God given right to kick everyones arse at sport?? The question is further complicated by the fact that they WANT to be beaten! This I fear is just another excuess for losing (except in the case of Shane Warne in which case losing for him is very much winning.... in financial terms at least) Yeah sure everyone wants a challenge but NOT to be beaten! I think that most Australians have deep psycological problems and I honestly do mean that with the utmost respect i'm NOT having a dig at you guys! Mabey it's because they are bred to believe all the lies that they are told. Take an example.... Australia are by far and away the second best team in the current Ashes series so far (fourth test) that is a FACT (your losing as I right this but I may yet have to eat a very nasty tasting piece of Humble Pie) so the aussies come into the fourth test having had a a bit of a break, they're getting old now they got to rest there britle athritic bones (I saw Glenn McGrath eyeing up a nice little bungalow in Eastbourne) But anyway back to the point, they come out with all this shit about how the break has helped them and that they have the edge over us, sniff sniff sniff..... I smell BULLSHIT!!!!! I mean why not say 'this wee little break we are having here could really help us with our fitness and give us as good a chance of beating England if it goes to the wire' that wasn't to hard now was it!?

Whinge 1 - http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/ci/content/story/217530.html
Whinge 2 - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4194088.stm (the bottom bit)
Massive Gigantic Whinge - http://content-uk.cricinfo.com/engvaus/content/story/217514.html
Result of too much Whinging - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/england/4189324.stm

The Second thing I want to mention is the Australian players reaction to The Barmy Army. These guys are fantastic people salt of the earth best fans you can have! So the Jason Gilliespie has been saying it hurt his feelings when the Barmy Army started singing about the fact that he lived in a Caravan (I think my post on here about him being Jesus is funnier but there you go) I wonder how Simon Jones felt when the Australian crowd started laughing and chearing about him seriously injures his knee. The Barmy Army are the funniest set of supporters on the planet.... I mean just check this out http://www.barmyarmy.com/cricket/songs.asp very funny stuff!! But to get back to my orginal question, What makes Australians Whinge? Answer: They have to whinge to justify there existance i mean there only on this earth to kick everyones arse at sport and good for them too they should be proud of that, i'll be honest if i wasn't so proud to be British, being an Aussie would be a good second.... besides whinging is fun as i've discoverd from writing this post!!! Besides i'm a 'F****** pommie C***' - Thanks to a Mr S Katich of Sydney, Australia for that one!! (had to get that one, just had too!!!)

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Thursday, August 18, 2005 

Save me Jesus!!!!

Jesus is coming........LOOK BUSY!!!
No it's not Jesus this is the Australian
pace bowler Jason Gillespie he's not
very good though (at the moment at least)
But if you saw his face on a tree, skirting board,
piece of toast you would think it's Jesus!
No but seriously he should be endorsing
loafs of bread and fishmongers in his native
Australia, he could buy a lake and run it as a
vineyard, anything but Cricket!

Friday, May 13, 2005 

Don't have a Cow man!!!

A spoof of the famous Windows XP desktop!!! Right click, save picture as, save it, right click on the desktop then click properties, click on Desktop, scroll to the saved picture, click on it and finally click OK or Apply and your done!!!

Friday, April 01, 2005 

How good is Gran Turismo 4.... Well you can see from this pic!!!
All the pics on this blog are taken by me in the photo mode of Gran Turismo 4


It's a Nismo 270R!!!! How cool is this car!!


This is some Concept thing that Nike made... it's called the Nike One... its electric and has 8 gears and it can do 160mph!!! On Batteries....? Thats mental!!


The 270R again

Friday, February 25, 2005 

Straight from Da Ghetto,
it is Zippy Init!!

Thursday, February 17, 2005 

The Second Blog?! Two's Company I Suppose!!

Hello People!!!

I'm now making money out of this blogging lark!!! Cool huh!? I don't know if Goggle will let me tell you why but it could be somthing to do with Google AdSense!!!

I'm typing this at work.... again!! Cos I can't get the internet on my computer at home (because of logistical reasons). I got some pictures coming in the next few days!! I'll put some of me and where my life has taken me in the 19 years i've been here!! I'm sure you all can't wait to see pictures of Croydon!! bit of a rubish town but I like it... mainly cos everywhere else is worse!! Oh yeah then theres Coulsdon, Surrey which in the part I lived is actually a nice area. I'll find some cool pics of my part of Coulsdon for sure!! Then theres Tonbridge, Kent where i'm based now!! Not much here just a castle and one crap nightclub!!

Anyway enough of the moaning...

I'll look for pictures now and if i find some i'll post em today if not you'll have to wait for a bit...

How bored am I!!??

....Very, cos i'm writing this....




At Last!!!!


We finally have PICTURES!!!! there down the bottom....

Tuesday, February 15, 2005 

The first blog!! Stand back please this could get messy!


Hello and good day to you all! that title for this post is part of my ode to Alan Partridge.... officialy the greatest comic creation ever!! anyway welcome to my blog. i'm typing this up while i'm at work so it might be a little rushed but never mind!! I'm gonna try and get a theme goin on here so any ideas where i should go with this?? please dont be too harsh on me i am new to this stuff!! just a bit of background not covered in my profile.... well just that i'm single and very much looking!!! oh and photos of me will follow in the next few days!! i would also love to here from people in Tonbridge or West Kent cos i've never really setteled in the area and i've been here for 4 and a bit years!! but hearing from anyone would be a start!! feel free to e mail me anytime (address is at the top or in my profile) i will try to respond to everything within a couple of days but i can usually respond within 24hr!!!

Oh well thats it for today i will put some pictures up in the next few days!!!!


Sunday, February 13, 2005 

This is Tonbridge!!!


This is what was just behind my garden fence in Coulsdon!!


A Tram in front of East Croydon!!!! I can hear
you snoring!!!


This is one of Croydons most stunning buildings...
It's the main station in croydon and the
biggest (passenger wise) in South London...
Stinks of piss though!!!


Croydon Clocktower it's located at the library/town hall Posted by Hello

Croydon Clocktower it's located
at the library/town hall


More Croydon!!! It's actually strangely beautiful.....
in an urban way (this pic is taken from a tram)


Where I used to live again (Croydon)


Where I used to live (Croydon) Taken at night